The CoRRect air system: simple, always, better!

State of the art technology combined with two decades’ experience

Hauser has been developing modern protective ventilation systems since 1993. With every generation of systems, they always become smaller, lighter and more efficient.

Modern construction vehicles and forklifts have been designed to use very little petrol and be extremely efficient. Large parts of these vehicles’ chassis consist of advanced compound materials. These vehicles provide only a few places where breathing air supply systems of over 60 kg, of the type that are sometimes still manufactured today, can be installed. Therefore, with every new development, Hauser Umwelt-Service reduces the size and weight of its systems. Weighing only approximately 10 kg, the CoRRect air 25 ALVA kompakt is the latest product of this development. But not only was the weight reduced. The machine operator’s safety is also increased, thanks to a whole package of measures: Built-in gas sensors detect filter ruptures, humidity sensors warn of gas filters saturated with water and state of the art RFID technology identifies every single filter.

Compatibility – No ifs or buts!

Only high quality, long-lasting components are used in CoRRect air breathing air supply systems. Thorough planning and development makes it possible that each generation of systems is able to utilise proven components. So for example the systems’ plug connections: They were and are realised with industrial connectors that come to no harm even when used under the harshest possible conditions.

It is therefore possible to operate a CoRRect air ALVA that was fitted into a vehicle ten years ago using a controller from the very latest range, without the need for adaptation. This backwards compatibility keeps costs down and is a sign of how easy the CoRRect air breathing air supply systems are to service.

Why not compare us?
CoRRect air 25 ALVA kompakt
The smallest protective ventilation system to comply with DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance) Information 201-004 (formerly BGI 581)
CoRRect air 26 ALVA
The proven gas and particle protection, also with HLAS filtration system
CoRRect air 30 ALVA
Optimum particulate protection
CoRRect air 24 ALVA kompakt
Particle protection that is more efficient, even in the smallest space

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