CoRRect air 30 ALVA: Particulate filtration for every needs

You need a very robust breathing air supply system with particle protection?
Our CoRRect air 30 ALVA provides reliable protection against dust hazardous to your health. 3-level filtering is no problem - from cyclone to G4 and on to H13 - and if desired an odour filter is available for added well-being. The CoRRect air C84 overpressure monitor is included in the scope of delivery and ideal for perfect pressure monitoring: simply preset the desired pressure between 20 and 300 Pa and the C84 will monitor it. Altogether, the CoRRect air 30 ALVA meets the requirements of TRGS 554. You will be excited about the Hauser Team. We offer you allround service, right from the start. Our competent support team is ready to assist you in all questions of protective ventilation. Our committed service technicians will work with you and the durable CoRRect air products provide you with reliable protection against dusts and gases.
Do you prefer delivery ex works or the CoRRect air 30 ALVA completely installed? Everythings is possible with us. Our 24 hour hotline is available to you and your customers for any
questions. Scope of delivery: CoRRect air 30 ALVA incl. mounting frame, Zyklon, CoRRect air C84 overpressure monitor

Technical Data

  •  Complies with the TRGS 554
  • Stainless steel exterior, rustfree
  • 4-level blower (DC 24V)
  • Air flow rate 20-120 m³/h
  • About 8 A power consumption
  • The filter compartment is easy to reach 3-step filtration (Cyclone/G4/H13)
  • optional odour control filter
  • Separate installation of cabin air cyclone in low-emission environments
  • Measurements 55 x 33 x 22/43 cm (length x width x height/with cyclone)
  • Weight: about 16 kg



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