CoRRect air filters:  Healthy air for an entire working life


Thanks to the proven efficiency of the CoRRect air filter system, machine operators breathe in 7.5m litres of healthy air in ten years. So in an entire working life of 40 years, this results in the impressive figure of 30,000,000 litres!

CoRRect air filters from the house of Hauser are characterised by the materials selected and their high quality workmanship. This guarantees a long service life and that they are safe to use. The company’s range of products spans coarse and fine dust filters to HEPA filters and right up to various different types of gas filter.

With the HLAS high performance gas filter system, which was developed especially for CoRRect air protective ventilation systems, you have at your disposal filters that are far superior to conventional activated carbon filters. Depending on local conditions, a service life of over 1,000 operating hours is now perfectly possible. Much to the delight of your employees working in contaminated environments, but also to your buyers. 

Filtration stages
CoRRect air filter stages
CoRRect air HLAS filter systems
The top class adsorbents
CoRRect air gas filter A  
Air purification with activated carbon
CoRRect air gas filter ABEK-Hg  
Comprehensive air filtration
CoRRect air gas filter AX  
Filter for volatile gases
CoRRect air particulate filter H13
Protection against dust, fibres and other particles
CoRRect air cyclone particulate filter with G4
Protection against coarse dust
Filter service lives
Information on filters’ service lives


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