Filters’ service lives

The CoRRect air filters’ service life directly depends on the operating conditions. As well as air pollution from harmful gases and vapours, meteorological conditions also have a serious effect on the filters’ service lives.

Please note:

  • The service life of particulate filters depends to a great degree on the extent of the dust. The CoRRect air cyclone filter cartridge should be replaced at the same time as the vehicle’s air filter, if not more often. This relieves the burden on the CoRRect air fine dust filter H13, meaning that as a rule, it can be used for a year. The CoRRect air breathing air supply system’s control system allows the amount of air conveyed to increase. If, despite the system running at maximum, the usual cab pressure cannot be achieved, the cyclone filters and fine dust filters must be replaced. In warm, humid environments, mould can settle on the filter body. In such instances, the particulate filter must be replaced after shorter intervals.
  • Activated carbon gas filters also bind harmless substances, such as steam or mist. A humid environment, such as to be found in composting plants, leads to the activated carbon filter becoming saturated much sooner – even when the machine is at a standstill. The air humidity should be below 85%. However, this process is reversible if the filter is dried in a warm and dry environment. This means that humid air can lead to premature saturation of the filter element, even when machines are at a standstill. The CoRRect air gas filters are fitted with the HLAS filter system as standard. This system’s service life is significantly higher than that of conventional activated carbon filters.  It possesses a larger inner surface, and thanks to its structure being resistant to water, is also suitable for working areas with high levels of humidity. A soiling analysis of the filter, which we would be pleased to carry out for you, provides you with reliable information on how soiled your gas filter has become.
  • Filters are at their most effective when the air flowing through them is dry and has a temperature of between 0 and 45°C.
  • The required air conveyance efficiency of the CoRRect air ALVA has a significant effect on the filter’s service life. Well sealed and maintained cabs that are properly able to maintain the required overpressure handle 20m³/h purified air. Leaks quickly lead to the amount of air needing to be increased to up to 120 m³/h in order to reach the overpressure level. These higher volumes of air significantly reduce the filter service life, as more pollutants land in the filter during the same amount of time.
  • Store your CoRRect air filters in a dry location.
  • With the cabin air filter systems, please change the coarse dust filter as soon as it is no longer white. They relieve the burden on the fine dust filter H13 and generally achieve a service life of a year.

In order not to endanger people’s health, the filters must be specifically tailored to the purpose they are used for. The results of an air and/or soil analysis provide us with important indicators.

We also recommend regular measuring of the pollutant concentrations within the cab. If an increased concentration is determined, directly leave the contaminated area with the machine. A saturated filter could be a cause. We can also supply you with warning devices for this purpose. These increase safety for your staff.

When handling saturated filters, please ensure you wear the appropriate protective equipment, such as breathing protection and gloves etc. The filters must be disposed of in the appropriate manner, and where necessary packed as hazardous waste. We would be pleased to assist you with controlled disposal.




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