Gas filter A:  Air purification with activated carbon

Activated carbon-based gas filters are used for separating gaseous or vaporous toxic pollutants and odours. Activated carbon can be manufactured from virtually all carbonisable materials. These include coconut shells, old tyres and coals. Depending on the original product used, the separation performance and abrasion resistance can vary. Hauser gas filters are fitted with the CoRRect air HLAS high performance gas filter as standard. This offers the user optimum safety at higher separation performance levels and an outstanding cost-benefit ratio. 

Due to the treatment of raw materials containing carbon with steam and carbon dioxide, activated carbon possesses a large inner surface. Along with the distribution of different pore diameters, this plays a decisive role in the binding or adsorption of pollutants. The activated carbon used in CoRRect air gas filters has an inner surface of around 1200 m² per gram of activated carbon.

Gas filter A separates organic harmful gases only, by means of capillary condensation. The general rule of thumb is that organic materials with more than three carbon atoms are adsorbed well. This filter type complies with Type A in DIN EN 14387 (formerly DIN EN 141). For other pollutants, a gas filter with impregnated activated carbons (for example ABEK-Hg) must be used.


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