Gas filter ABEK-Hg:  Comprehensive air purification using impregnated activated carbon

It is not only hydrocarbon compounds that can be identified as harmful components of the air. In contaminated areas, a wide spectrum of gases that are injurious to health can be present. It is therefore absolutely essential that the filter used carefully corresponds to the pollutants expected to be present, based on the available air and soil analyses. A pure gas filter A can only protect against VOCs, PAHs and other hydrocarbons. For example, in order to be able to separate ammonia, other adsorbents are required.

In order to achieve this, activated carbons are treated with copper chloride or phosphoric acid, for example. A fine coating of salt crystals forms on the carbon’s surface, which is then able to bind certain substances. With this impregnation, the carbon serves only as a carrier material for a functionalised surface. However, this impregnation results in a proportion of pores (up to 30%) being lost. These are important for separating organic compounds, so the filter’s service life reduces accordingly. The CoRRect air HLAS, which is fitted in the CoRRect air ABEK-Hg filters as standard, is an exception to this rule. Thanks to its particular structure, its hydrocarbon separation performance remains unchanged, despite the impregnation. 

A multitude of compounds are ideal for impregnating. As a result of their tendency to absorb materials out of the air, they are categorised according to DIN EN 14387 (previously DIN EN 141). These descriptions originated from the standard for labelling gas mask filters, but were assumed for protective ventilation.



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