CoRRect air HLAS: Truly one of a kind

CoRRect air filters from the house of Hauser are characterised by the materials used and their high quality workmanship. This guarantees a long service life and that they are safe to use. With the CoRRect air HLAS ABEK-Hg, Hauser offers for the first time a filter material that was specially developed for use in protective ventilation systems.

World first state of the art filtration technology is the basis for the CoRRect air HLAS. The raw materials for the HLAS filter are high performance adsorbents that were designed according to a special process. As opposed to conventional activated carbon, these spherical adsorbers possess a precisely designed pore structure, which is responsible for adsorbing the pollutants. Thanks to this special structure, pollutants can be bound to the filter material especially reliably.

For certain particular uses, Hauser offers an impregnated design (CoRRect air HLAS ABEK-Hg), in order to separate ammonia, mercury, acids and alkaline solutions, for example. This variant offers the advantage that, due to its surface, the adsorption capacity of organic pollutants (VOCs) is not limited, as is the case with conventional ABEK activated carbons.

As opposed to conventional activated carbon, this material is absolutely dust-free and boasts a hard, spherical surface. As a synthetic product, it is free from chemical impurities. Its special carbon structure offers outstanding adsorption properties, even in environments with high humidity levels. So the protective ventilation system can be operated for a long time in humid application environments.

The CoRRect air HLAS’s special structure ensures that air is distributed in the filter. The polluted air courses virtually all around every single sphere, meaning that its entire surface is available to filter air.  The spheres’ particularly high abrasive hardness prevents dust building up and also prevents the activated carbon being ground by vibrations.

CoRRect air HLAS – A plus for safety

Vinyl chloride is a typical landfill gas and is carcinogenic. In a practical test with this gas, Hauser compared Gas CoRRect air HLAS gas filters and standard gas filters. The examination by the Dutch TNO laboratory proved that the new high performance filter’s service life is two to three times greater. At a realistic concentration, the CoRRect air HLAS ABEK-Hg’s service life could be estimated at 209 hours. The conventional filter demonstrated a service life of just 78 hours.





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