Fine dust filter H13: Protection against dust, spores, fibres and other particles

Respirable dust is injurious to the health of the machine operator if it reaches the air sacs in the lungs (alveoli). These particles can no longer be excreted, and can result in silicosis or cancer, for example.

The filter material in the CoRRect air fine dust filter H13, which complies with DIN EN 1822, uses high quality, wet laid glass fibre mediums. The finest dusts, aerosols, bacteria and viruses remain caught in the filter medium, as a result of various physical effects (barrier effect, diffusion effect, inertial effect). And as it is electrostatically charged, this filter doesn’t need to be cleaned.

In order to filter asbestos fibres and oil mist out of the air, the filter level H13 is required. Only at this filter level are the glass fibre mediums thick enough to be able to guarantee separation.

If desired, these filters can be fitted with a biostatic function, in order to avoid microbial growth on the filter.




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