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Safety is a matter of trust, especially when your employees’ health depends on it.

For Hauser Umwelt-Service GmbH & Co. KG and its employees, safety and responsibility are not just empty phrases, but a lived awareness of being active in a field in which the health of others depends on our own work. For us, careful training and our service technicians’ many years of experience are a prerequisite for the safety that you and your employees want and need. Every installation is performed by experts who have at least ten years’ experience in this field of work. For this reason, installation work in this critical area is carried out only by our own direct employees.

Together with careful sealing of drivers’ cabs, the modern filter systems, and not least the CoRRect air HLAS high performance filter material, are a guarantee of healthy, purified air. Even the standard filters have been designed so that leaks cannot result when activated carbon settles during the movements that filter systems are always exposed to during operation. Compared to round filters, flatbed filters offer built-in security.

And of course, CoRRect air ALVA protective ventilation systems not only comply with all applicable standards and rules, they often exceed them. Whether the DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance) Information 201-004 (formerly BGI 581), NEN 444, DIN EN 15695, technical regulations 554, 519 or 559 or many other regulations: Hauser’s ALVAs all comply with them. 

Of course, in the harsh environment of a building site, mishaps can occur and the protective ventilation equipment can become damaged. As a rule, we keep all important parts in stock, in order that you can be working again as soon as possible, so that safety pays dividends!


Officially inspected performance

The public Julius Kuhn Institute inspected the filtration efficiency of a Hauser CoRRect air ALVA. The measurement values were far below those required by the regulations, and even astonished the examiners. They were very impressed with the comparison of particles in the cab interior to the ambient air.



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