Servicing packages with warranty extensions: At a stroke, more money for you!

CoRRect air protective ventilation systems are designed to have a long, fault-free service life. Interruptions to operation cost money, and must therefore be avoided. The same applies to incalculable costs for servicing work and repairs.

Hauser Umwelt-Service has therefore put together packages comprising warranty extensions, filter changing and servicing work, which cover a period of up to 60 months from system purchase. The warranty period covers all repairs to the CoRRect air ALVA, as well as the annual expert inspections as required under the DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance) Information 201-004 (formerly BGI 581).

The filter packages are available for the CoRRect air 25 ALVA kompakt and CoRRect air 26 ALVA models, and include an annual replacement of all filters. Included in the price is the new high performance CoRRect air HLAS in the ABEK-Hg variant. With this filter, you purify the ambient air in virtually all application areas, providing the driver with healthy air to breathe.

And the best thing: At a stroke, you save money! Please contact us for details. A call to Bernd Eckelboom on +49 (0) 21 51 / 51 08 - 15 is all it takes!



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