Tradition and innovation – The HauserGruppe’s successful path

Healthy air to breathe as a result of constant innovation

1992   Trade in and assembly of MAO protective ventilation systems. The MAO’s weight: approx. 94 kg.

1993   Jointly with Dräger, development of the CoRRect air 60 ALVA.

1994   Development and production of our own protective ventilation systems CoRRect air 23 ALVA and CoRRect air 46 ALVA. With the C4, development of the first processor-controlled control system. In order to ensure that our CoRRect air filtration systems could be correctly installed, commissioned and serviced in compliance with the CE standard and ISO 9000 et seq throughout Germany, the Hauser Umwelt-Service GmbH was founded in Krefeld.

1995   Development of the CoRRect air 24 ALVA with economical pressure monitoring, as a forerunner of the modern compact systems.

1996   The HauserGruppe is qualified in accordance with ISO 9001. Since then, successful annual certification by SGS.

1999   Construction of the service site in Magdeburg. Generational change – The HauserGruppe was restructured. The parent company, with its managing director Stephan Hauser, becomes involved in all Hauser companies. At the same time, the company’s social engagement is reorientated. Hansgeorg Hauser remains responsible for Hauser Umwelt-Service. 

2001   Launch of the CoRRect air 26 ALVA with new circulation filter system and the CoRRect air 30 ALVA. Further development of the control system for the C5. Details of all products, including prices, are published online.

2007   Hauser Umwelt-Service undergoes personnel restructuring. Introduction of the world’s smallest protective ventilation system, the CoRRect air 25 ALVA kompakt, and the HLAS filter system – weight with filter approx. 8 kg. A new generation of controllers is presented in the form of the C6. State of the art bus control and RFID technology sets new standards. Construction of the service site in Ulm. 

2008   Carsten Plänker becomes operations manager, assuming responsibility for Hauser Umwelt-Service. A world first for Hauser: Presentation of the HLAS filter in the form of the ABEK-Hg.

2016   The new indoor air cleaner sansoro is presented to the public. It combines the companies know-how and research with well known institutes in the region.

2018   Carsten Plänker is appointed managing director as the successor of Hansgeorg Hauser. He takes over the management together with Stephan Hauser. Hansgeorg Hauser continues to advise the company with all its experience.


Tradition as a framework for innovation – The HauserGruppe

1932   August Hauser founds the company as a manufacturer of leather drive belts, and performs insulation works.

1960   Hansgeorg Hauser sets the foundations for the technical business. Even back then, social and cultural engagement was a living component of the company’s philosophy.

1967   We mourn the loss of company founder August Hauser.

1968   The company undergoes continued expansion. The formation of numerous companies ensures Hauser customers have access to a comprehensive range of safety products and services, across all sectors, in Germany and the Netherlands.

1996   The group of companies is qualified in accordance with ISO 9001

2001   The new generation sets a course in which tradition and innovation are in harmony. Stephan Hauser assumes responsibility.

2006   Completion and subsequent move into new service centre



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