DIN ISO 9001:2008: Certified quality

‘Quality from the very start!’

Not just since the company Hauser Umwelt-Service GmbH & Co. KG was first certified to ISO 9001 in 1996 by the SGS have these five words formed the core of the company’s actions. All departments place great emphasis on this, in order that our work with customers, suppliers and employees is the very best it can be.

As a company with this certificate, we provide our customers with the peace of mind that the quality of the products they purchase isn’t a result of mere chance, but the result of strict adherence to clear regulations during development, manufacture and in the sales process.

The ISO 9001 standard covers all of a company’s sections. From management, development, production and sales to warehousing and dispatch, all staff act according to agreed rules that are also set out in writing.

Management determines quality objectives and personally exemplifies them.

Creativity and imagination are prerequisites for development work, and so are in seeming contradiction to lists of rules. But the rule demands that all those who will have dealings with the product later must be involved in the development process, and that the process is documented.

And when it comes to manufacturing, an error-free product must be produced by the best possible means. This includes well-trained staff, precise process instructions, appropriate materials and tools and a suitable environment. The work environment must be such that people can freely discuss errors and causes, with the objective of ensuring they cannot reoccur. Errors are analysed and lead to the affected processes being changed.

The sales department ensures, among other things, that the customer’s expectations of the product will be fulfilled. They check that the product being supplied matches the order and the customer’s needs.


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